Annual Goals


We accompany companies to complete B Impact Assessment (B Lab) to manage and measure the economic, social and environmental impact; and to implement the Gender Gap Analysis Tool  (UN Women), to assess gender equality in the workplace, the market and the community, and the SDG Action Manager (UN and B Lab) to monitor progress regarding Sustainable Development Goals.

As entrepreneurs

We work collaboratively based on a set of concrete and measurable objectives at a personal and work level that accompany our actions, accelerating the positive impact on the gender and climate action agendas.

Goals annual achievement report
In December 2020 we will complete the first report. And then we will define our new objectives for the following year.
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Weekly webinars series by  “Zoom”  in Spanish, English and Portuguese

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Workshops | #InnerWellnessSeries

These Workshops provide tools for a lifelong learning personal and professional to ignite your authentic leadership in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and German. These initiatives arise in collaboration with professionals and organizations that are part of our #bws network and partnerships. Between 5% and 30% of the profits from each workshop will be donated to #bws so that we can continue to co-create value and drive the systemic shift towards the care economy.

You train and improve yourself and #bws continues to expand its reach to many more women and men!  We believe that lifelong learning is the key to authentic personal and professional fulfillment.

Year round

Reading Club

Global zoom meetings to share, dialogues and connect through the discussion of inspiring reading.

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We are co-creating to further our mission as B Women, focusing on local and regional issues using the World Café methodology, that allows open dialogues between us to reach our collective intelligence.

Collaborative Actions

Join us and choose your 2020 goals

Share the progress of your goals

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Chief Engagement Officer
Laura Giadorou Koch